ZephyrCharts 2.2.x:

Zooming issues in iOS 6?

Some users have reported issues with ZephyrCharts not refreshing charts when panning while zoomed in at the maximum detail level with iOS 6.

Workaround: please zoom out slightly and zoom in again on the location in question.

ZephyrCharts 2.1:

Why did you raise the minimum requirement to iOS 5?

iOS 5 has been out for almost a year, and iOS 6 is about to ship. The original plan was to maintain iOS 4 compatibility for ZephyrCharts 2 but in practice it requires too much testing/backporting and slows down development.

ZephyrCharts is crashing when I select new countries after the upgrade to 2.1!

Some users may experience a bug related to the 2.1 update where ZephyrCharts crashes after selecting different countries in the preferences pane.

Workaround: please select "All" and then "None" alternately in the settings pane to override the existing preferences and then reselect your countries.

ZephyrCharts 2:

What happened to the approach plates?

The FAA has discontinued providing approach plate information (specifically, d-TPP_Metafile.xml) to the general public, and so this feature can no longer be maintained.

How do I set a destination?

There are two ways to set your destination airport:
  1. Search for an ident/select it in the Route/Airports pane, and hit "destination" to enable the route.
  2. Find your destination on the map and double tap on it, and then hit "Set Destination".

My VFR map disappears in Alaska!

For space reasons, the Alaska plates are limited to zoom level 9, please zoom out a little.

My map is yellow!

This can be caused by two primary reasons:
  1. In ZephyrCharts Lite, the map screen will not show graphics without an internet connection.
  2. Local charts are not available in your region. The world layer will still show your position.

ZephyrCharts 1.x:

How do I use the cache?

When you download ZephyrCharts initially, it will not have approach plates for destinations preloaded. Select a state (or states) in the "Cache" pane, and then hit "Start" to begin caching all the charts for the regions you have selected.

Do I need to empty the cache?

D-TPP charts can be cached in-app using the caching utility. Charts are stored in the Library/Caches folder and can be deleted using the "Empty Cache" button. With iOS 5.0.1 and later, ZephyrCharts will mark cached files with the iCloud "do-not-backup" attribute.

Whenever a new d-TPP update is applied, ZephyrCharts will utilize old records if it can, and will download only those approaches that have changed. Please empty the cache if you would like completely new charts. The FAA has said that using the old versions, as long as you are keeping up with updates in general, is fine.

How often are the charts updated?

D-TPP update 1204 will be the last approach plate release for ZephyrCharts. (FAA AeroNav changes.)

VFR, IFR Low and High and TAC updates are distributed on a rolling 60-90 day update schedule.