If you are unhappy with your map purchase/downloads are not working with your device, please feel free to request a refund from Apple. Here is the process:

  • Open iTunes and select the iTunes Store.
  • Select your account and open your purchase history.
  • Click the "Report a Problem" button.
  • Fill out the form and explain your problem.

ZephyrCharts 3.1.0:

Why happened to my charts/why do you require iOS 7?

iOS 7 has changed a number of UI development paradigms, requiring too much effort to maintain cross-compatibility with iOS 6.

ZephyrCharts 2.5.1:

ZephyrCharts won't start after I updated!

Please delete and reinstall the app, things will work then. Re-buy any maps you have bought already and they will be downloaded again for free.

How do I enable my database?

Please select "offline" in the data source preference in the settings tab to enable any databases you have purchased.

My downloads are timing out!

Most users will need to disable device sleep in the iPhone settings menu so that downloads can complete.

ZephyrCharts is purchasing a chart but refusing to download it!

On some devices with 6.1, in-app purchase receipt validation will fail, resulting in no download/database. This will be fixed in the next version of ZephyrCharts.

ZephyrCharts 2.5.0:

Why happened to my charts/why do you require iOS 6?

iOS 6 has introduced a new feature whereby we can now charge for downloadable chart upgrades. This allows us to unify our codebase as well as offer smaller individual updates and many more map options. As a result, we have decided to standardize on this platform. Future US FAA map updates will be paid.

I bought a chart and my download failed, now what?

Hit the buy button again, a button will ask you confirm your purchase. After you re-buy the chart, the system will discover you bought the chart once already and will not charge your account. Allow the program to download the chart. This process can be repeated as necessary.


How often are the charts updated?

VFR, IFR Low and High and TAC updates are distributed on a rolling 60-90 day update schedule.

Will ZephyrCharts work with bluetooth/non-internal GPS devices?

If the iOS operating system can use the GPS device, then ZephyrCharts should work with your device. Download ZephyrCharts Lite if you want to test your setup.

When will my (non-US) country have local VFR/IFR charts?

The world maps show airports but not terrain/restricted airspace data.

We are always looking to improve the international experience. If your country makes aviation charts available online, please let us know.

A different question?

Please feel free to contact us. You can also try the old FAQ.


Please read our EULA.


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