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ZephyrCharts is a navigation aid for pilots designed to display aviation charts in a format easy to use in the cockpit: an airplane marker/route on a moving aeronautical map displaying the GPS altitude, speed, heading, and Zulu time on an iPhone or iPad running iOS 7.

The app is localized in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese and Chinese. Feel free to install it on multiple devices.

ZephyrCharts contains an embedded database with local radio and runway information for over forty-five thousand airports across seven continents. All the chart layers can be viewed online or purchased for offline useage via in-app purchases.

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User Reviews

"Super app - Using on an iPhone. Better than the Garmin! Simple and sweet, shows where you are on your favorite chart. Thanks for not bloating this app with too many features that distract from this. Well done."
"Great sectional - I'm very happy with it and do recommend for per and actual flying reference."
"Absolutely gorgeous! - In-app purchases are available to upgrade the app, but they ARE upgrades. The app, as is, is fantastic. Totally comprehensive and user friendly."
"Awesome app -- great Garmin backup - Must have for all iPhone carrying pilots."



  • Outside of the United States, the maps for download are not traditional aeronautical charts!
  • The embedded app does not have weather data!
  • GPS usage requires…a device with GPS! Most bluetooth GPS units should work, please download ZephyrCharts to test out your configuration.